Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pregnant with number 8

So I forget all about my blog until recently and so I thought it might be fun to start posting again. Especially since I am beginning my 3rd trimester with number 8 and this means lots of sleepless nights and what better way to kill the time than with blogging. I am mainly doing this for me now and no one else. I realized that I routinely will post things on facebook that the kids have said or done and I never write them down anywhere else. So now I will write some of it here and it will help me to remember. Today we walked down the street to the neighborhood park and let the kids play. Jack while climbing told me that he thinks God is calling him to be the saint of love and strong. It was so cute. The last time we were at the park he was talking about war and fighting and I reminded him that God is all about love and that the greatest thing he could do is to love God and then truly love those that God puts in his path. So now he is all about the love and being strong. That sounds good to me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Out of Order

So I wanted to save some of my old posts from my first blog. So any posts before this post will be out of order and a hodgepodge of previous posts from that other blog. I'm hoping that after this post this blog will have some sort of order.

Trying to Measure Up

So today was our first field trip with k12. It was an outing to the Children's Museum. The plan was to meet the teacher at 11:30 for a 20 min one on one and give her a chance to talk to the girls. Then the other families were to get there around noon and it would be a picnic in the park, then into the museum while the teacher had her one on ones with the other families.

So I was going to make a nice sack lunch for each of the kids before leaving but the morning got really crazy and I was running late so I decided I would just pick something up after I had the teacher meeting. When I got there I realized I had gone to the wrong place and that I had no idea where I was supposed to go. There was one other car in the parking lot and so I asked the couple if they could give me directions. The man was very kind and started to give me directions but after I asked a couple questions like " and how do I get to that street" he very sweetly just said I could just follow him. He looked at his wife and said " let's go for a drive". He then drove clear across town just so I could follow him and get where I needed to go. It was just so sweet for him to take 30 min out of his day just for me. I felt like God had sent him to me so that I could get the kids to the event in time for at least the picnic and the museum. After he had shown me where it was I quickly had to find a place to pick up food. Luckily there was a Burger King close by so we went there and grabbed some burgers and then went to the picnic. We did end up missing the meeting with the teacher but she was very understanding and it turned out that later we were able to talk with her anyway.

At the picnic there were several other moms there and a couple dads. When it was time to eat, of course, I was the only one handing out fast food burgers. One mom had a nice noodle salad that she pulled out of a cooler along with cheese sticks and sliced apples. She served her kids their food in real dishes with silverware. No paper plates or throw away anything. Another mom gave her little boy his sandwich and I noticed it was cut in the shape of a dinosaur. Then there I am handing out burgers and fries. Immediately I felt like I just didn't measure up and how they were just so together. Then I decided to just laugh at myself and go on. I told myself that I wouldn't have to wash out lunch dishes when I got home and my children were never going to be served dinosaur shaped sandwiches from me. I figure if they are hungry they can eat a normal sandwich. I mean we don't even cut off the crust.

What is it though that makes me take notice and then compare myself to what they are doing? Is it a competitive type thing? Am I hoping to fit in? Am I worried what they think of me? I really have no idea. Do other moms go through this same type of thing when they have shindigs?

The kids all had a great time. Emily immediately found a friend whom she talked with on and off the whole time, Abbie had a great time in the museum running from one thing to another with Emily, and Jack was just loving every minute. He loved going on the train they had, loved the kitchen area with pretend food, tried on a bee costume, made huge bubbles, played on the swingset, and was just generally very busy.

We all came home quiet tired but then had to get busy right away on getting the house in order and after that I had about an hour before it was time to start making dinner. Very long day!

I Don't Like Birds!

Well, I don't like birds loose in my house. Today around 2:30 in the afternoon I moved the couch (to look for something under it) and when I moved it I heard a little flutter. I thought maybe some papers had fallen down but then when I looked I saw this beak moving up and down. I have to say that I freaked out a bit. My oldest daughter told me she would take care of it so I quickly removed myself and the baby to the babies room. I was in the process of changing her diaper when the bird flew into the room. I wasn't expecting it and I started screaming like an insane woman. I scooped up the baby and ran to my room mid diaper change screaming the entire time. My two older daughters were laughing so hard they could hardly contain themselves. They did finally manage to get the bird out of the house. My only defense ...THE BIRD WAS HUGE! It was about 6 inches tall and had a very long beak. I think it may have been a woodpecker. When my daughters asked me why I was freaking out so much over a bird in the house I could only reply that I DON"T LIKE BIRDS!

He said What?

Jack the three year old asked me is he could paint gorillas and after I told him no but he could color them his reply was ” that’s lame” Thanks a lot teenagers!
At church after we had just sung “Oh Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world” Jack in an indignant voice says “why is the Lamb of God TAKING AWAY my sins” It took a little bit to explain to him that it was a good thing!
Then he looked at me the other day and said ” mom your pretty good”.
Tim who remember is a teenager and I’m always trying to get him to remember his manners said to the dog ” Excuse me Bruce” as he was trying to get around him. I about died especially since of course the dog does not respond to excuse me. He might respond to a gentle nudge or MOVE but not to excuse me!!

Let the peeling commence

So, Doctors really do know what they are doing! The cream the Dr. gave has helped Abbie so much already. Last night she was able to sleep through the night for the first time since Thursday.
Since the sunburns the two little girls have been very sedentary. They have watched countless movies since Thursday night because really what else are you supposed to do when every time you move it hurts. Today though it was time to get moving again and what better way than Dance Dance Revolution. That’s right we got DDR out of retirement and had a blast playing all morning. Yeah for exercise!
Abbie’s back is just a bunch of peeling skin. Alicia is going to have so much fun. She has been waiting for the girls to start peeling so she can peel it off. That’s right she is a picker, peeler,popper. We’ve all had that friend who wanted to pop our zits or the sister who wanted to peel the skin after the burn. My daughter is one of those. YUCK!

4 different ages

I can’t believe I have four different age groups all under one roof. I have three teenagers, two elementary aged girls, a three year old, and a newborn. It is totally crazy. Trying to juggle the needs of all those different ages is a constant challenge. There are days when I think I am nearing the brink of madness. I usually recover pretty quickly though, thanks to my sweet husband who has the amazing ability of talking me off the ledge. Without him I couldn’t survive. Of course without him I wouldn’t have so many children either!
Having teens is emotionally exhausting and having little ones and a newborn is physically exhausting. This means that I am tired all the time. I prefer the physical over the emotional. Being emotionally tired is usually tied to the worry that comes with teenagers. I would love to say that I have trained my children so well that my teens are always making good choices and never get into any trouble, and always have stellar attitudes. Alas, that is not the case. So, while juggling the needs of my little ones, which are rather simple, yet very demanding, I also have the responsibility of trying to help my teens make it to adulthood. Little ones have small problems, while the big ones have big problems.